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Pete Wolfe and wife, Cheri own and operate the Wolfe Ranch Quarter Horses at Sulphur, Oklahoma. It is located 4  miles North of Sulphur on US Hwy 177.

The Wolfe family has been there for 36 years. They breed the same bloodlines and kind of Foundation Quarter Horses that Cheri started breeding in 1969 — TRUE ALL-AROUND HORSES — horses that can cut a cow, catch a fast one in open pasture or an arena, ride smooth on a trail ride, go to a horse show and be competitive in 8 or 10 events and be really pretty doing it. They have to have good bone and feet and are able to stay sound well into their twenties.  The Wolfe Ranch has been part of the AQHA Breeders Referral Program since it’s inception.

We train and use our horses here on the ranch and have used them doing ‘day work’ on some of the biggest ranches (25,000 + acres) in this region.   We keep a small but select group of broodmares.  Many of them were top roping or ranch horses or used as trail and lesson horses before we bred them.  Several of them have AQHA points and earnings or are producers.   All of them are well bred and close to the best ‘FOUNDATION’ and ‘COWHORSE’ lines.  They are heavy, stout, solid mares with good bone, big hips, good heads, excellent withers and backs, and bred-in ‘COW’.  We have really worked to find top cow-bred mares with exceptional  SIZE,  BONE,  FEET,  &  SUBSTANCE.  Many are 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation ‘home-breds’.   Not all cutting-breds are 13.2 hand ponies – we have the bigger ones!  ALL are only kept for breeding if they have excellent ‘user friendly’ dispositions.   Most buyers are repeat buyers referrals from previous buyers.



WELL, about the time you think you have the journey figured out, the Lord shows you a different path.  On May 9, 2016 an EF4 tornado wiped out most of our ranch.  It was 3/4 of a mile wide and hit us dead center.   It demolished our home, our son’s home and every barn, fence, outbuilding and almost every tree.   We lost several horses and had horses up at OSU Veterinary Hospital all Spring and summer.  Two were there until late July.  Call Him The Flash was badly injured but is going to live.   [He is pictured on OSU’s website.]  We also lost every truck and every trailer (all 5 of them).

Most important, we are all OK.  Pete and I along with our son, daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren are all safe.  We were in a newly installed underground cellar.  We came out safe, but came out to a new world.

One of the most important things we found out was how many friends we have.  People started pouring in right after the tornado.  They helped us catch horses, they brought trailers and took horses home with them (since we had no pens or fences).  We still have horses scattered allover this country.  We have few fences now and have nail ridden debris everywhere.  We do not know how we will clean up all of the pastures.  Russel and Tanna Dilday graciously took trailer load after trailer load of horses to OSU for Veterinary care and to their house to pasture and foal out and care for.  Several were there until late August.   We just do not know how we could have made it without all of our friends.

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Check out the grandson of Doc’s Prescription pictured below.  We started him and sold him in 2001 to John Row.   He has qualified 15 years in a row in as many as 8 events and carried  John’s son, Mike to Justin Rookie of the Year  in 2002.


Apache Blue Boy

Blue Boy was first named WORLD CHAMPION Amateur Heeling horse in 2003.   He now has 7 AQHA World Championships and 8 Reserve World Championships in Amateur Heading and Amateur Heeling.   His most recent wins were another World Championship in Amateur Heeling in 2013 and another Reserve World Championship in Amateur Heading in 2012.    He also has 2 Reserve World Championships in OPEN heading.  He also has won 30 World Championship Show ‘Top Ten’ placings and He has won over $80,000 in World Show money.   He has over 1900 AQHA Points and is completely sound.

A horse trained and sold by us placed 3rd in the Open Team Penning at the AQHA World Championship Show and has Superiors in Team Penning and Ranch Sorting.   A grullo (turning gray) Drifter colt has multiple grand championships in Europe and won the AQHA High Point stallion award in the UK two years in a row and was 2 time High Point International Halter Stallion.

Dennis Quaid is shown below riding a Paint ‘All Around’ gelding that we trained and sold.

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Cheri originally came from Colorado 37 years ago bringing several horses. One of those horses was Bay Elegance, a daughter of Cheri’s original mare, Miss Keck, the producer of 7 AQHA horses with race and show records including several state champions in both Colorado and Oklahoma and AQHA World Show qualifiers.  In 2001 at age 27, Bay Elegance produced her last foal, a gray filly by GUNS OF MARIETTA, a PLAYGUN son.    The sire of Bay Elegance was Cheri’s old foundation stallion, AQHA CHAMPION, DOTY’S SOCKS JR.  Besides becoming an AQHA Champion in May of his 3-year-old year, He was a superior halter horse, a superior pleasure horse, and had a total of 239 AQHA points in 10 events!  He was an NCHA cutting champion and had an NCHA Certificate of Ability.  He sired AQHA champions, paint champions, cutting champions and numerous ROMs, and producers.  “He was the kind of ALL AROUND horse the Wolfe Ranch still strives- to produce today!”

Pete had a heart attack in 2000, a brain hemorrhage in 2001 and had quadruple by-pass open heart surgery in September of 2007.  Cheri has battled Arthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease for more than 20 years.   Since we can no longer ride and handle as many horses ourselves, we are offering many of our broodmares and fillies for sale.    We have bred and raised many outstanding young mares and are offering ALL of them at very reasonable prices.   Thanks to you, this web site has been so popular and successful.

Each year we sell several horses over the phone or internet ‘sight unseen’ to people we have never met.   We try to be absolutely up front about every little detail of each horse.   Each year, many of the horses we sell like this are to people that we have sold horses to before or they have friends that have bought horses from us.   We can furnish many references World Wide and there are probably people near about anyone that are riding horses we sold.

Since we can no longer show competitively ourselves, we are now taking out trail riders on trail rides in the Arbuckle Mountains of southern Oklahoma.   We use our ranch geldings, broodmares and many of our home-raised fillies and geldings for our trail riding string.   We think that testifies as to the disposition of our brood mares.     We have ridden most of our broodmares.  If we were still able, we would ride them all.  We think everyone should.   Check out our  ‘Arbuckle Trail Rides‘ website and ‘Trail horses for sale’ page in this website

We have sold many horses to Europe and the UK and recently sold a stallion and 3 mares to central Mexico.   We can arrange quarantine and all shipment details for buyers and deliver horses to the quarantine station and can do all of it on a credit card.   Most of these horses are sold ‘sight unseen’ and many go to repeat buyers.

Our Driftwood stallion was recently sold to the UK where he had many ‘girlfriends’ waiting for him.  He also sold to a repeat buyer there.  But, we have sons and daughters of his for sale.

Due to our age and declining health, we are offering many mares that we have never offered.  Some are 3rd, 4th and 5th generation of our breeding.  It breaks our hearts, but our health has failed too much to keep doing this right, so we have to let go of mares we would never price in the past — no matter how many times some people tried to buy them.    We would make a really attractive deal to someone wanting to buy a group of them and keep some of these great producers together.

If you are interested in a proven broodmare or a young mare that is ready to breed, call us.  We will send you information on the mares that we have.  ALL of them will be priced reasonably.  A couple are trail and pleasure breeding and the others are cutting and cowhorse breeding or old ‘Foundation’ ranch breeding.  They have made reiners, cutters, ropers, cow horses and great ‘all around’ horses for more than 40 years.  Several have made great USTRC roping horses.

Let us know what you are looking for.  All are eligible for the Foundation Registries and are bred to excel in the AQHA Ranch Versatility Competition, in the new AQHA ranch division and the stock horse associations.  Weanlings and yearlings are priced from $1000.00.     Well started horses are mostly priced from $2500.00 to $5,000.00. Trained horses are priced from $3500.00 on up.  Many are very nice show prospects.  They are sired by sons of Real Gun (AQHA Super Horse), Dunit With A Twist and Call Him The Flash (AQHA riening point earner).   Recreational trail horses are priced from $3000.00 and up.

Mares, bred and open, are priced from $1500.00.  They include granddaughters of Gay Bar King,  Peppy San Badger and Playgun to daughters of Drifter and Call Him The Flash.

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